Where's the real 陳水扁? How may he already be killed? Where's the real 陳水扁? Most likely he already be killed year(s) ago. Hello! use your brain cell, how could a lawyer 陳水扁 stupid bad ugly evil low lower lowest to such unthinkable disgusting out of mind. How could 陳水扁 be already killed? Because he did not have the thickest seal guard like Lee Done-Wheel has had or Chiang Kai-Shake's military strictest straightest. 陳水扁 was a trial lawyer, he must have a very good sense about law and order, he must have the big guts to see the good better be 婚禮顧問st rule, there's no way any good lawyer see my words like nothing. How come current 陳水扁 most likely a female making him up? So that to get the female hiding out advantage. Evil doers care no Taiwan, nor China, Chiang Kai-Shake could not eliminate them out, not mention Lee Done-Where or 陳水扁 lacking of Chiang Kai-Shake's straightestness. Therefore, the evil doers must have been growing too fast to under cover that cost 陳水扁 and all his original team's disappea 信用卡代償ring no where to see their body counts. 陳水扁 looked like 余玲[516-6817003/718-6318895 886-(2)-2-7092000EX207 886-(33)331032 her ded 余俊 has connection with military links both in Taiwan and Mainland]-余玲-余玲雅-雅子(Japan current Princess or Queen?)-余俊-君子-余千千(余俊's first daughter 917-7146395 212-5024884 718-8841080 718-6017120 886-[2]-2-7123958 886-[2]-2-7662149)-千篇一律-呂秀蓮-呂碧蓮(886-[2]-2-7084119 she's ChangChaoSwen's wife, ChangChaoSwen said's 陳水扁 family's C 西裝外套PA - 886-[2]-2-3960763)-Won.Be.Gway.Chao-王貴英(王永慶 and 張寶珠's daugher, 張寶珠 also the name of 北一女校友張寶珠's name who's 彭佩芬's close friend,彭佩芬-北一女校友1968真班 886-[2]-2-8315937)(王永慶 looked like 郭金生 who's 郭銅鑪 郭月珍 郭月霞 郭月星's dad.郭銅鑪 said went to Mainland China to have more births with Mainland Chinese woman; 郭月珍 married to 連福仁; 郭月霞 married to JungShiau Lin's brother JungTie Lin; 郭月星 married to a said rich and famous 新竹陳家 her brother and sister in 帛琉a> law 陳惠美 陳國禎 1980's phone number in US 818-2823988)- 陳復( 886-42-921154 886-42-703191she's close to 余玲 余千千馬蕙蓮 )- 林秀英(Mainland China 上海華?路82弄53號101室 200436 that address I suspected linking to Li Yan's home place, Li Yan's JungShiauLin's adulterer, JungShiauLin's consin's HuangWayShow's wife also name 林秀英 said died at breast cancer)-陳蓮影(281-4634944 17003 Scenic Lakes Way, Houston, TX 77095)-千山萬水-陳萬水-陳山河(林翠's son, 王羽's step son.- 余玲-王翠[王翠芝's nick name 886-2-8 禮服9414232 886-{2}-2-3815132EX215 886-{2}-2-3510471 She sounding like she kind close to so called 小馬哥-馬英九's nick name]-王蓮生(前駐Honduras武官 504-2326907 504-9823477 Notice 504 is Honduras country code, do not confused with US area code)-馬蕙蓮( 415-7527173 she was or still is close to 余千千 and 余玲. 馬蕙蓮 also very close to 曾愛蘭-886-2-24513825. I remember when I was in HusXingYuYoYuan, the first several months I often misrecognized 曾愛蘭 and 王翠芝, I don't know what making me saw them like twin though they seems not indeed looked alike)-余玲 looke 西裝d like 張政 ( 886-[2]-2-8110269 he worked in 華興育幼院社會組, it was said that he's 江學珠's close and may be 江學珠's closest relative)-張愉(張西園 and 虞夏花's first daughter,虞夏花's English name Linda Chwee 718-2656502 917-4353068. I remember 張愉's name seemed was recommended by me, I did not notice it matched 虞夏花's maiden name, simply because like that word's Chinese happy showing, 張愉 was the only baby I hugged lots while I stayed in their home, the other two of their daughter I did not even know they were born untill they were old enough out of a 土地買賣ny one's arms. I guess most likely because 張愉 hugged by me too much to be dragon down, therefore, they on purposely avoid the other two to have any chance to get in touch with my true love)- 張真(張西園 and 虞夏花's second daughter. I did not even know her born untill she was close or already in school years old)-張婷(張西園 and 虞夏花's third daughter, like their second daughter, I did not know her born untill she's out of little baby age, and I don't remember ever hugged her)-聆聽-聽政-張福琴(718-2628657 718-3536998 718-3534152 718-8508581 886-2-29422367)-張琴(Taiwan singer)- 張琪(Taiwan singer 張 買房子琴's sister)-殷琪 陳水扁-薪水-陳昕(86-21-64276203/64802322/62832830/62834291/64399222 or 64399522 86-13601684405 or 13601684495 9D AIBANG MANSION #585 LINGLING RD.SHANGHAI, CHINA bANK INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA SHANGHAI BRANCH A/C#472900001688 Chen Xin) -金日成-陳日中(華興校友) -中共- 陳功(281-228-8122)-龔錦玲(86-21-62402489/62518699) -淋浴-余玲(華興校友)-余玲雅-壓扁-變心-虞馨(華興校友)--虞新(華興校友)-陳玉馨(華興校友,Her English name Cartwright, Lest 423-2393669 332 Hidden Valley Rd., Kingsport TN 37663)-陳玉富(華興校友886-2-29243206)-功夫-陳復(華興校友 886-42-921154 886-42-703191 she's close to 余玲 余千千馬蕙蓮 酒肉朋友 ) --蝙蝠-京城 Therefore, your President must always eat together with his wife that is your First Lady, and he must always service her the food first and make sure that food is ok for her before place the same dish into his own mouth so that he can always have the room to take care her if any food poison may have got into hidden there. A President has no right to demand any Human Being to act like lab animals to test the food for him. His only love woman can, because he is her sweetheart, it is her luck to die in front of him.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 景觀設計  .
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